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"Injustice" features Mississippians


Mississippians featured in a documentary on judicial scandals attend a film screening Thursday evening in Jackson.

Nearly a dozen people from the state were included in the movie "Injustice."

Executive Producer Brian Kelly says the documentary is about corruption in many of the large class action lawsuits filed across the country. Most of the suits were filed in the past 30 years. 

Lawyers who filed the suits, including embattled Dickie Scruggs, were featured. 

Kelly says the crew focused on a number of cases from Mississippi.

He believes the state's network of influential people has made an impact.

"We came in to tell a specific story about the case of Dickie Scruggs. We didn't come in to really do anything about, this is not a tort reform film. So we're only talking about the jurisdiction, per se', other than really the close connections, the close ties, that really everybody has in this community."

 A number the Mississippians featured in the film are lawyers and journalists.

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