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Scott County 12/16/08

Scott County authorities report historic drug bust

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By Monica Hernandez - bio | email

SCOTT COUNTY (WLBT) - Authorities captured Maxie Purvis, 63, at his day job, painting a Scott County home. Officials arrested him for work they say Purvis was doing on the side- selling drugs.

"A lot of times we get mainly people who are using, we get possessions, and today these are the folks who that are selling drugs," said Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee.

Purvis was one of 43 people arrested in the biggest drug raid in Scott County history. After a seven month undercover investigation, authorities slapped handcuffs on suspected drug dealers from all walks of life, in all parts of the county.

"If you continue to do this, we're going to catch you, and we're going to change your zip code," said Marshall Fisher, director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

A busload of school children watched while authorities made drug arrests outside a home on Edwards Road. Officials confiscated several guns, including an assault rifle.

"That's just bad news for us. And thank goodness they did not want to shoot at the police," said Lee.

And police made an unexpected arrest at the Edwards Road home; they found a 27-year-old in bed with a 14-year-old. He's being charged with statutory rape.

Local police, Scott County authorities, and state investigators set up a temporary station at the National Guard Armory in Forest, where they booked all the suspects. Lee hopes the raid impacts the county's growing problem with methamphetamines and prescription drugs.

"We won't make any disguise saying it will ever stop it, but we will say that today we took a big, big piece out of the drug sales in Scott County," said Lee.

Selling drugs could land you a 30 year jail sentence.

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