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Old Capitol Museum at Christmas

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By Walt Grayson - bio | email

Walk inside the Old Capitol in Jackson and you won't find the model toy train display like you used to. Nor a giant Christmas tree or any of the other things you used to see at Christmas time in the Old Capitol. What you will see, greenery here, and there and some red ribbons. It's all in keeping with the Old Capitol's new mission of authentically representing what this building would have looked like in its prime, prior to the Civil War. Clay Williams is the director of the Old Capitol.

 Clay Williams: Again, this is the NEW Old Capitol Museum. We're trying to kind of forge new ground in everything we do here, and one of the things that is a change from the past is the holiday decorations. We used to really interpret Christmas at the Old Capitol as a part of our mission as being the State History Museum. Well we are no longer the state history museum. We are more focusing on the building itself and its history as a state capitol building. So we did a little research on how the building may or may not have been decorated during the 19th century and we found no clear cut evidence of the building being decorated during Christmas. But we did find from time to time that the building would have been decorated for special events. Such as when Andrew Jackson came in 1840. So we have lightly decorated the building with some appropriate greenery or artificial, that would have, again, been appropriate for the time period. Greenery, some ribbon, red to give a little color. Again, trying to accentuate the building more than completely decorate it. Just to give it a holiday feel.

 Walt: If you haven't visited the Old Capitol since the refurbishment that took it back in time to when it was new, then you need to take a little time out over the holidays if you have some time off, an stop by. Great debates that still affect the way we live today as a state and as a nation were held here. Personalities who's shadows are cast all the way down to our day are portrayed.

And there's still the best view of Capitol Street you can find, from the Old Capitol's front window.

And a light dusting of Christmas decorations. But even that is in keeping with the new mission of the Old building, making it as authentic to the past as possible.

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